Effective teaching, effective learning
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FEGHALI ABI SAMRA, T. (2019). Effective teaching, effective learning. Al-Kīmiyā, (16), 101-118. Consulté à l’adresse https://journals.usj.edu.lb/al-kimiya/article/view/389


This article examines how effective teaching leads to effective learning, especially in foreign language teaching and particularly in teaching English. Effective language teaching does not only depend on language proficiency but also on other specific characteristics of effective teachers whether native or non-native. Firstly, the article tackles the personal qualities of the teachers, which include motivation, intelligence, especially offering feedback and being adaptable; and self-care by taking care of themselves and overcoming burnout. Secondly, it refers to the professional qualifications of the teachers, which encompass professional development and self-reflection, knowledge of subject-matter, classroom management skills, and student-centered teaching. It also shows how important it is for teachers to keep on learning and stay up-to-date in order to offer the students the best education possible.

PDF (English)