Oral Health Of Completely Edentulous Patients During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Its Impact On Their Nutritional Status: A Pilot Study
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JABER, H., HADDAD, E., ABI GHOSN YARED, C., FAKHOURI, J., & EL OSTA, N. (2022). Oral Health Of Completely Edentulous Patients During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Its Impact On Their Nutritional Status: A Pilot Study. International Arab Journal of Dentistry (IAJD), 13(2), 75-89. Retrieved from https://journals.usj.edu.lb/iajd/article/view/737


The COVID-19 pandemic, declared by the WHO on May 2020, has forced governments around the world to adapt several restrictive measures causing difficulties of access to oral healthcare. In Lebanon, a lack of data on these difficulties and their consequences for completely edentulous people prompted the realization of a pilot study evaluating the impact of this pandemic on access to oral healthcare and on the oral health status, oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL), and nutritional status of these individuals. The study was conducted at the Removable Prosthetics Department of the Faculty of Dentistry at Saint-Joseph University of Beirut through a personal interview including the use of the Arabic versions of the ADL, OHIP-EDENT and MNA questionnaires, followed by a clinical examination. Data collection from 17 completely edentulous subjects showed high difficulty in accessing oral healthcare and negative repercussions on their oral health, OHRQoL and nutrition.

PDF (Français)


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