Hybrid implant supported prosthesis: Transfer of prosthetic data to the laboratory. 4 clinical cases


hybrid prosthesis
Novum system
Trefoil system

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FAKHOURI, J., DAOU, M., INATY, E., & EL OSTA , N. (2022). Hybrid implant supported prosthesis: Transfer of prosthetic data to the laboratory. 4 clinical cases. International Arab Journal of Dentistry (IAJD), 13(1), 42-48. Retrieved from https://journals.usj.edu.lb/iajd/article/view/672


The transfer of data to the laboratory remains the key to the success of hybrid implant supported prosthesis.

The impression represents the preliminary step of this procedure. It is important to establish a protocol that is appropriate to the clinical situation from implant placement to insertion of the prosthesis into the mouth. This article develops 4 case reports, each with a different recording procedure.

Results: Plaster remains the material of choice when precision is required. The NOVUM system has the advantage of not requiring an impression but its indication remains very limited.



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