Relationship between edentulism and sleep apnea: a systematic review of the literature
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Tooth loss
sleep apnea syndrome
obstuctive sleep apnea

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AMMAR, S., MABROUK, Y., LABIDI, A., MANSOUR, L., & TRABELSI, M. (2021). Relationship between edentulism and sleep apnea: a systematic review of the literature . International Arab Journal of Dentistry (IAJD), 12(1), 48-57. Retrieved from


Edentulism could be the cause of impaired respiratory function, especially during sleep. The aim of this systematic review of the literature was to study the relationship between edentulism and sleep apnea.  The search was performed on MEDLINE (PubMed), with different Boolean equations.  A manual search was also carried out.  19 articles were selected.  17 have shown that edentulism promotes the onset of obstructive sleep apnea.  In 6 studies, an improvement in sleep apnea was noted with wearing the prosthesis at night, unlike the other 4 studies reported a deterioration in sleep quality with wearing the prosthesis. A strong relation was proven between obstructive sleep apnea and edentulism.  This relationship has been justified mainly by the anatomical changes linked to the loss of teeth and responsible for the reduction of the retro-pharyngeal space.

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