A changing word (suivi par l'éditorial en langue française – Un monde en pleine mutation)

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NEHMÉ, E. (2023). A changing word (suivi par l’éditorial en langue française – Un monde en pleine mutation). International Arab Journal of Dentistry (IAJD), 14(1), 1-4. Retrieved from https://journals.usj.edu.lb/iajd/article/view/855


In a world that is constantly being made, undone and remade, we are experiencing today a new tragedy, still «without visible borders” that crosses continents to affect almost the entire planet. For whom and why all these misfortunes, these daily cohorts of deaths, wounded, displaced and massive destruction.

In the name of what God, what belief and what evil strategy do the initiators and disbelievers neo-inciting warriors of the present century have the monopoly to decide the gruesome fate of humanity? The history of mankind teaches us that hegemonic tendencies have been only ephemeral parenthesis over the centuries. It also tells us much about the megalomaniac, often genocidal, nature of the so-called Great Leaders and other leaders who led their peoples to the worst fates. More recently, during the past century,
two wars had engaged continents on a greater or lesser scale with its contingent of human losses, destruction and horrors.